We are honored to have received the following endorsements:

1.)  Dr. James Hutchens, Retired Brigadier General


“It is a delight and a distinct privilege for me to recommend to you the work of the Lev Project under the very committed leadership of Larry and Dede Miller.

This dedicated couple have an impressive track record of helping “the least of these my brothers.” Their compassionate outreach to holocaust survivors in Europe is a moving and inspirational story that is yet to be fully told. I know there is a special place in the heart of God and a special reward in eternity for the loving kindness so visibly shown by this devoted couple.

After a long and serious physical setback, the LORD has graciously re-commissioned them to the ministry call that will allow them to continue the passion of their heart – the Lev Project.

I whole-heartedly endorse their efforts and trust that you will see fit to do so as well.”

James M. Hutchens

Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D.
Chaplain (Brigadier General) US Army (Ret.)
President, The Jerusalem Connection Intl
P.O. Box 20295
Washington, DC 20041



2.)  Michael J. Cardy   Strategic Initiatives Manager, Samaritan’s Purse

michael cardy

I have personally known Larry and Dede Miller since mid-1990’s, when we were both ministering in Budapest Hungary. Their passion to serve Jesus, tenacity to do so and the fruit of their labor is evident to all that cross their paths. In 2000, I left Eastern Europe but Larry and Dede remained. They would have stayed there until this point, had it not been for some health issues.

As those were resolved, most people called to serve, would have been happy to remain in the USA and seek opportunities there. But they had a zeal, to complete their calling in Eastern Europe, especially serving the Jewish Holocaust survivors – a neglected and needy set of individuals.

It was this vision that led to the creation of The Lev Project. Their mission is to love, aid and protect Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe/FSU. Feeding those in need that is pivotal to the mission of The Lev Project. With the current and ongoing influx of refugees into Hungary, they anticipate assisting with this newly developed need as well.

In my position, I travel around the world, working with national teams in many countries. I also have the blessings of having worked in Israel for over five years – at times with the most conservative of Jews. What impresses our Brothers and Sisters of the Book, is the sacrificial serving of Christians.

Larry and Dede are able to meet a specific need through their training, experience and gifting. Please stand with me, with them and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a thirsty soul!


Michael J. Cardy

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Samaritan’s Purse



3.)  Zane Buzby   Founder, The Survivor Mitzvah Project

Zane Buzby  CNN Heroes

We are very impressed by the dedication and commitment of Dede and Larry Miller of The Lev Project, who have taken it upon themselves to bring help to the Holocaust survivors of Hungary, offering aid and compassion to those in desperate need.  Their vision and perseverance is truly an inspiration.

Zane Buzby
The Survivor Mitzvah Project



4.)  Andrea Simonyi, Segítség az Élethez / Help for Life Foundation Hungary

Larry and Dede Miller worked as volunteers to our foundation „Help for Life” in 2011-12.

We knew them as sincere believers, whose main motivation as Christians is not just observing religious rules. They are people of the heart, perhaps the strongest of character traits is compassion and mercy.

This was demonstrated by their involvement with Hungarian survivors of the Holocaust. Because of their humble and practical service, the Jewish community accepted them fully as friends and special people who came to their honest help. Even in a religious orthodox Jewish home for the elderly they became agents of love, hope and comfort for the elderly.

From our Eastern European perspective, there is one very special aspect of their lives. This might sound slightly critical of American missionaries, but there is a sense American missionaries stay outside of our Eastern European realities. Larry and Dede have not. Not only because they took the effort to learn our very difficult Hungarian language. They share our struggles for financial survival, our deep concerns for the future of this region at seeing the scary rate of rising antisemitism and new waves of evil rising, they share our personal concerns at deep, heartfelt, prayerful levels, never trying to rise above our local work but sincerely standing with us, becoming one of us.

Andrea Simonyi, Help for Life