Welcome to The Lev Project!

“Lev”…In Hebrew Lev means, “Heart”.  Those hearts who survived the unimaginable horror of the Holocaust will often say that the one way they could think of to exact revenge on Hitler and all who wanted them dead, was to live.  To somehow survive.  And with the fierce determination of a lion many did survive.

The Lev Project was born out of a promise we made while looking into the eyes of Survivors we have met to not sweep their suffering under the rug. To see, hear and be a voice for these miracle children of the Holocaust.  To love, aid and protect.  We can help break the cycle of their suffering by giving them ‘family’ as we extend our hearts and hands and as we offer life-giving aid to these heroes who made a fierce decision to LIVE.

“You are where you are — to help others where they are. The reason your hands are where they are in this world — is to give other people in this world a hand.” – Ann Voskamp

L’Chaim…to life!  One Lev at a time.

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  1. Beautiful in it’s simplicity. May soon the Father give both of you “wings” to fulfill your destiny and His purpose in your lives for “such a time as this”. The only thing I miss on your new site is the picture, or a short video clip of the two of you. Am Yisrael Chaim!! (The Nation of Israel Lives!!)


  2. Julia K. May God richly bless you in all that you do and all the lives you touch.
    My brother was born in Jerusalem but arrived in UK when he turned two years old.
    We will be proud to do the labels. Bless you.
    Please note my correct e-mail address.


  3. We met you through the Dandy’s (Gary and Simone) and continue to pray for you. I do my prayers each morning at my desk facing the temple, after cleaning my hands to serve the Almighty (I am what is called an “alien among them” … smile) … but this day was different. I watched your film and covered my desk with tears!! Is there anyway to “adopt a survivor” (with both monthly funds and/or letters each week?). I know we can donate to your mission (and car), but do you have this as part of your program?


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