Holocaust Survivors in Hungary


I just read an article in the New York Times regarding the needs of aging Holocaust Survivors.  Hungary was highlighted in the article.  The needs are astounding.  The official number of Survivors in Hungary stands at 10,000.  The article states that 5,000 are not being reached.  5,000.  The number makes me feel sick to my stomach.  That’s 5,000 that are known.  We’ve been told there may be many others who are in need but because of fear they have not come forward.

Please take a few moments to read this important article and consider how you can help us here at The Lev Project reach these precious ones.  We need donations of finances.  We need volunteers to come on work teams.  We need prayer, as this feels like a monumental task.  And this is just one country.  We’ve been told there are over 60,000 Survivors in the Former Soviet Union who are not receiving any assistance.

Thank you!

Holocaust Survivors Article



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  1. I can’t imagine how they feel being so scared to let people know they need help. My heart goes out to them. Prayers they will get help.


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