There’s a Storm Coming


A recent video release by artist, Andrew McKain and produced by The Jerusalem Connection.  A storm is coming.  As the storm has already begun across Eastern Europe, there will be many Survivors who will stay behind because they are not able to travel and are too aged to make such a move.  The Lev Project wants to be there for those who wish to make the journey and those who cannot.  They need our help.  Please consider how you can join with us to make a difference!  Click here to donate to The Lev Project.  Donate Here

Watch and listen carefully to this important message.  Lyrics below.

There’s a Storm Coming

Andrew McKain


Verse 1

Eyes opened, summer, twenty-fourteen

The sound of thunder woke me up from my sleep

Throngs of angry people storming European streets

Waving signs, shouting things that you wouldn’t believe

“Death to Jews” in France – no chance, you heard me?

Even worse, it was “Gas the Jews” in Germany [1]

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to worry me

Barely made the news, “It’s cool,” they assure me

“Just Muslim immigrants watching Gaza and worrying

Israel’s killing innocents is really unnerving ‘em

And maybe they in ignorance yell something disturbing

A little overzealous, that accounts for their wording.”

At least that’s what they tell us, so we ignore what’s emerging

And unfortunately it’s working,

We got no idea about the evil that’s lurking

There’s a storm coming ….

If all this hate’s about the State of Israel

Now what’s that gotta do with pulling food from the shelves

Of a grocer in London who was too afraid to sell

Something “Kosher” lest he be attacked as well [2]

Or that Jewish-owned pharmacy burned down in Sarcelles

Where Muslims bombed a synagogue with Molotov Cocktails [3]

The day in 1942 Nazis murdered Jews there [4]

Am I getting through to you, am I making it clear?

It’s anti-Semitism, not anti-Israel! [5]

So used to living with it, think it’s no big deal

All this violence and hate, it ain’t going nowhere

We can’t wish it away with some spin or a spell

Get your head out of the sand, Europe, this is for real

Can’t un-see what I’ve seen, don’t un-hear what I tell

Jew hatred runs deep, it’s a bottomless well

Now that hatred is back, like cancerous cells

Jews are under attack, somebody ring the bell

It’s high tide, water rising, better brace for the swell

There’s a storm coming ….



Hear that thunder in the distance?

Getting closer every minute

Did you ever wonder what you’re missing?

When you’re too busy to pay attention

Can’t you sense it?

Storm’s coming any minute

No sense in waiting till we’re in it

2 x 2 we’re gonna send ‘em

Before the rains start spilling

Now you know we got a mission …. Are you with me?

Verse 2

I ain’t being alarmist, I ain’t trying to shock

This summer wasn’t anything like Kristallnacht [6]

It was day you see what’s coming or you choose to not

Like when Theodore Herzl witnessed Alfred Dreyfus in the dock [7]

A Decorated French Jew accused of treason

J’accuse! – convicted, for no reason                                                                                             

Paris streets, they were teeming with people shouting and screaming

No doubt about it increasing and Dreyfus couldn’t appease ‘em

Cause they’d imagined a grievance, lent credence to the belief that

Maybe the Jews were the reason for all the problem they’re seeing

Herzl watched the proceedings . . .then it hit him, the need of

His fellow Jews for a state – only place they’d be free from

The tidal wave of hate about to flood the whole region

He made his case for escape; he tried to reach ‘em

But it was too late before the world believed him

He saw the storm coming ….

That was back in 1894,

40 years before the Shoah hit Europe’s shore

What if they listened when he tried to warn

About the storm clouds he saw beginning to form?

What if they listened to Noah when he was building the ark?

Not a cloud in the sky, man, no cause for alarm

But he had the foresight, to see the flood from afar [8]

Not to see as he’d like, but see things as they are

Seeing it’s easy, but believing it’s hard

Cause then we choose to ignore it or to do our part

Do we lay on the beach and watch the sky grow dark

Or do we stand in the breach and get the people ashore

We got no excuse, don’t gotta look that far

To see the storm clouds gather and the sky grow dark [9]

Hear the thunder rattle, see the lightening spark

There’s a storm coming whether we’re ready or not?

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[8] Hebrews 11:7

[9]Exodus: Why Europe’s Jews are Fleeing Once Again.” Newsweek, 29 Jul 2014.

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